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LIVE SEMINAR (1 Nov, 2014)


How To Double Your Productivity
And Potentially Save Up To 50% Of Your Time
At Work And In Life!

10.00 AM to 12.15 PM
Holiday Inn Hotel, Orchard City Centre, Singapore


Guinness Record Holder &
The Only Grand Master of Memory In Singapore Reveals

3 critical skills to differentiate yourself,
outperform your competition
and unlock your genius!


Do you want to be more productive?
Do you want to effectively cope with information overload?
Do you want to skyrocket your powers of memory, focus and learning?
Do you want to boost your mental performance?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, this seminar will blow your mind away!


In this fast-paced, fun-filled and mind-blowing seminar, Nishant Kasibhatla - only person in the world who is a Guinness Record Holder AND a Grand Master of Memory AND a Certified Speaking Professional will show you how you can supercharge your brain by using his NINJA techniques!

Get ready to rev up your brainpower. In this workshop, you will:

  • Discover the secrets of developing a super memory
  • Find out the No.1 reason why people have a bad memory
  • Discover how to become a fast learner and be at the top of your game
  • Discover how to boost your concentration and improve work performance by leaps and bounds
  • Free up loads of time to focus on things that truly matter to you in your life
  • Explore the stumbling blocks of reading faster
  • Find out what's exactly stopping you from reading faster, comprehending better and remembering well
  • Master practical ways to boost your memory and focus
  • Discover critical skills to excel in today’s Information Age

10.00 AM to 12.15 PM
Holiday Inn Hotel, Orchard City Centre, Singapore


One Ticket $10.00 SGD


Nishant Kasibhatla is:
- A Guinness Record Holder (2011)
- The only Grand Master of Memory in Singapore
- A Certified Speaking Professional
- Author of 6 books on memory and learning

He has been featured in national and international media such as Discovery Channel, Channel News Asia, Straits Times, The New Paper, Lianhe Zaobao, Vasantham Central, Shinmin Daily, 938 Live FM, South China Morning Post and many more.

Register now.. and get a FREE BOOK!

If you register now, you will receive Nishant's pocket book "50 Exercises To Boost Your Brain Power" worth $15 absolutely free!

This book is a collection of 50 exercises which will engage your brain both in a logical and creative manner.

The exercises will give your brain a good workout. Some of the exercises require you to use logic and your analytical power and several others test your creative and imaginative skills.

Who should attend this seminar?

Business owners, self-employed professionals and executives from all levels and all departments / functions and anyone who wants to unlock their genius, boost their productivity  and achieve peak mental performance.

To attend this workshop, you must be over 18 years of age.



If you think the techniques and strategies that you learn at this seminar are not beneficial to you, we will refund your investment. No questions asked. You also get to keep the 50 Exercises Pocket Book with you.


10.00 AM to 12.15 PM
Holiday Inn Hotel, Orchard City Centre, Singapore


One Ticket $10.00 SGD

About the speaker

Nishant Kasibhatla is a Guinness World Record Holder (2011) and the only Grand Master of Memory in Singapore.

Nishant is a professional speaker, trainer and author of 6 books. He believes that everyone can boost their brain power phenomenally by using the right techniques and practice. Nishant was not born with a great memory. He struggled with remembering even simple things. With training and practice, he went on to break a Guinness World Record in memory. In his seminars and workshops, he teaches participants the exact techniques that have helped him to improve his brain power.

Nishant is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) in Singapore. The CSP designation is the speaking industry's international measure of professional platform skills. This designation is awarded to speaking professionals with proven experience who understand what is required and know how to deliver client satisfaction.

Nishant is a popular speaker with over 18 years’ experience in 16 countries across 4 continents. He delivers speeches and workshops in areas such as Peak Mental Performance, Focus, Information and Memory Management, Speed-reading, Motivation and Success.

Some of his corporate clients include: Singapore Police Force, Citibank, Shell, Coca Cola, NTUC FairPrice, Philips, Petronas, Nestle, American Express, LG Electronics etc. In his speeches and workshops, Nishant has empowered thousands of people, helping them challenge their limiting beliefs and achieve greater heights of effectiveness.

Places where Nishant has conducted his talks, seminars and workshops.

Nishant has spoken at several mega events such as the National Achievers Congress. Nishant is a past President of Asia Professional Speakers, Singapore (2009-10).

A few of Nishant's memory feats:
- Memorised a 1944 digit number
- Memorised the sequence of 7 decks of playing cards
- Memorised a 1200 digit binary number
- Ranked as the best Asian memoriser at the World Memory Championship (2003)

10.00 AM to 12.15 PM
Holiday Inn Hotel, Orchard City Centre, Singapore


One Ticket $10.00 SGD