Wednesday, 22 March 2017 | 07.00 PM TO 09.30 PM
@ Hotel Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre, Singapore


Especially For Professionals, Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Who Want To Skyrocket Their Focus And Productivity

Grand Master of Memory Reveals Little Known Secrets To Develop A Phenomenal Memory And Laser Sharp Focus!

Master The Three Most Overlooked And Under-utilised  Skills That Will Dramatically Boost Your Mental Focus, Double Your Productivity And Supercharge Your Learning Power…  So That You Can Outperform Your Competition!

YES! I Want To Develop A Laser Sharp Focus, Maximise My Memory And Be Ultra-Productive!

Hi there,

My name is Nishant Kasibhatla and I am "peak mental performance" coach. I help professionals, managers, executives and business owners just like yourself to DRAMATICALLY boost your productivity and SUPERCHARGE your mental focus and learning power.

Many popular and large companies in 21 countries across 5 continents have repeatedly hired me to train their employees to focus better, boost their productivity, have better impact with their teams, have better influence with their customers and to remember critical information, figures and facts at a snap.

Results From Previous Participants

This is the mother of all other training programs. This is a MUST attend program to increase the productivity and take your life to the next level.

Muhammad Hanif

This workshop helped me to understand myself much better and what I can do to maximise my potential.

Sean Tan

If you want to learn something, go to the person who has got it. Nishant is a passionate speaker who shares his techniques openly.

Dominic Davies

The workshop is very hands-on. I get to practice the techniques on the spot.

Gan Chee Yong

It is truly a gainful, inspiring and practical workshop.

Ma Pah How

Are You Facing These Challenges In Your Work Or At Your Business?

  • You check most of the tasks in your to-do list, but you still feel the day was not productive
  • You spend a lot of time to learn critical work / business information, only to forget most of it within the next few days
  • You start your day with a very positive intention to get most things done, but you fall victim to constant interruptions and distractions
  • You are working on a very important project and you know you need to have laser sharp focus to meet the deadline, but your focus doesn't last that long
  • You read a lot of books and documents, but you are unable to retain key information from those books and document

If you have experienced any of these things before, then I have good news for you!

I am hosting a free event where you will learn how to...

Unlock Your Genius By Mastering The Powerful Mind Hacking Techniques Used By The Ultra Productive Business Executives And Entrepreneurs

After knowing that I broke a Guinness Record in memory and was awarded the Grand Master of Memory title, you might think that I was born with these innate talents. Well, that's far from the truth.

I even struggled to remember even simple things. I had a lousy memory and the attention span of a gold fish! Then how did I become a Grand Master of Memory?

Just two things.

Knowledge + Action.

I researched and figured out what I really needed to do (knowledge) and I practiced (action).

And the good news is I am willing to tell you the best techniques for boosting memory, focus and productivity.

YES! I Want To Develop A Laser Sharp Focus, Maximise My Memory And Be Ultra-Productive!

Discover The Easiest Way To Maximise Your Memory, Focus And Productivity To Get More Done In Less Time (And Have Loads Of Fun In The Process)

I am hosting a free hands-on and results-oriented seminar where you will learn how to supercharge your brain power and achieve more in life.

You will be able to immediately implement the techniques and strategies you will learn at the seminar and see results, during the seminar.

Hundreds of thousands of people just like you with families like yours in 21 countries are using these techniques and have seen amazing results.

Now its your turn!

You Will Learn Highly Effective Techniques And Strategies To Become A High Performer With A Compelling Drive To Achieve Results Faster And Easier

  • How to become a fast learner and be at the top of your game (we learn many things everyday, but do you know how to learn?)
  • How to develop a laser sharp focus and improve work performance by leaps and bounds (these are the same strategies that Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other successful people use that enabled them to achieve outstanding results)
  • Discover the secrets of developing a super memory (these are the secrets that helped me to go from lousy memory to Grand Master)
  • How to accelerate your mental capability to make better decisions at work/business (people fail at the critical decision making process because they haven't trained themselves to effectively handle stressful situations)
  • Master the three super powers of the Information Age (these are critical to thrive and succeed no matter what you do in life)
  • Free up loads of time to focus on things that truly matter to you in your life (hint: more time for family, hobbies and vacations)
  • Explore the stumbling blocks of reading faster (most people are clueless what these blocks are and that's why they don't get the maximum value from reading)
  • Find out what's exactly stopping you from reading faster, comprehending better and remembering well
YES! I Want To Develop A Laser Sharp Focus, Maximise My Memory And Be Ultra-Productive!

Register Now. Limited Places Available.

Maximise Your Focus, Productivity & Learning Power

Date: 22 March 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 07.00 PM TO 09.30 PM
Venue: Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre,
11 Cavenagh Road,
Singapore 229616

[Near Somerset MRT]


See you at the workshop!

Nishant Kasibhatla
Peak Mental Performance Coach
Guinness Record Holder (2011)
The only Grand Master of Memory in Singapore

PS: This seminar is packed with techniques and strategies to dramatically boost your powers of focus and focus and skyrocket your productivity.

PPS: Previous participants have paid $247 for this seminar. This year, I want to reach out to as many people as possible and giving away free tickets for this seminar.

PPPS: This is my first seminar this year and most likely the last one. Register for this seminar before it becomes a full-house event.

Thank you Nishant for sharing and teaching us useful and practical techniques which we can put into use immediately.

Patrick Ho

This is lively, enjoyable, educational and inspiring. I benefitted a lot from this program.

Lim Aileen

There were so many things that were 'aha moments' where I realized where I'd been going wrong.. I like the motivational methods about changing the status quo to realise my goals.

Emma Norris

This program will play an important role in my life.