Free Seminar:
Supercharge Your Memory, Focus & Productivity

Especially For Professionals, Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Who Want To Skyrocket Their Focus And Productivity

Grand Master of Memory Reveals Little Known Secrets To Develop A Phenomenal Memory And Laser Sharp Focus!

Master The Three Most Overlooked And Under-utilised Skills That Will Dramatically Boost Your Mental Focus,
Double Your Productivity And Supercharge Your Learning Power… So That You Can Outperform Your Competition!


Presented by Nishant Kasibhatla
Guinness Record Holder (2011) and the only Grand Master of Memory in Singapore

Wed, 27 September 2017

7.00 PM to 09.30 PM

International Plaza
10 Anson Road
Singapore 079903
[Near Tanjong Pagar MRT]

What You'll Learn in this Free Seminar:

  1. How to become a fast learner and be at the top of your game (we learn many things everyday, but do you know how to learn?)
  2. How to develop a laser sharp focus and improve work performance by leaps and bounds (these are the same strategies that Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other successful people use that enabled them to achieve outstanding results)
  3. Discover the secrets of developing a super memory (these are the secrets that helped me to go from lousy memory to Grand Master)
  4. Master the three super powers of the Information Age (these are critical to thrive and succeed no matter what you do in life)
  5. Find out what's exactly stopping you from reading faster, comprehending better and remembering well

* Important Note: Due to room size restrictions, the available places for this seminar are strictly limited!
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